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Express your creativity!
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Express your creativity!


What is stopping you from showing your own art? is a site for everyone who wants to share their living images, by supplying the artists with the tools they need. This includes:

  • High-quality living images - no ugly gifs with only 256 colors. Artists can supply multiple image files or apng's to turn static art to life.
  • The' online image editor - create living images with the easy-to-use online tool.
  • No limits - artists can express their creativity without worrying about file size or whether their work will get censored1.

Not an artist yourself? is providing you the best possible way to view living images.

  • High-quality images - just art, directly to your screen, without downscaling or compressing it.2
  • Smooth navigation - easily find the art you want to see by using the intuitive interface.
  • Focus on art - no obtrusive ads2, no unnecessary site functionality; double-click to just show the art and nothing else.

Get social!

Don't keep your passion for your own. Share it with others. Show your art, discuss your art, share your ideas: it's all possible.

  • Personalise your profile - custom text, images, and the like, while keeping your page clean-looking.
  • Blogging - for written art, or just for fun: write about what is currently playing in your life - even in private.
  • Make friends - search for likeminded people and connect to each other.

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1 Art that is not allowed by Dutch law is not allowed on this site, as this site is being hosted in the Netherlands.
2 Ad-block users will get notifications and can only see the art in greyscale.